Commercial use of various Herbal and Plant extracts as natural food and feed additives is fast gaining momentum with a vast range of additives for different applications such as natural colorants, oleoresins, essential oils, flavors etc. being developed and sold in evolved markets. These additives are usually the intracellular components trapped inside the cell wall of plant matter and their recovery involves a series of processing steps. It is of prime importance to the manufacturer to enhance the yield of these high value products to the fullest possible extent to maximize output and thus profits.

Plants contain complex insoluble Polysaccharides such as Cellulose and Hemicelluloses in their cell wall which form as a primary protective layer encasing the intracellular components. Cellulase and Hemicellulase Enzymes assist in breaking down these Polysaccharides thus pushing up yield, facilitating clarification & filtration while enhancing output.

Pectins are also among the structural component of the primary and secondary cell wall in plant matter and are found in the middle lamella in abudance. They are insoluble and highly viscous by nature. They are hydrolyzed by the combined action of Pectinase Enzymes which contain polygalacturonase (PG) as the major enzymatic activity and other side activities which include Pectin Lyase (PL), Pectin Methyl Esterase (PE) and Arabino-Xylanase. This mixture of enzymes helps in better extraction and aids in viscosity reduction during processing.

Noor Enzymes is a manufacturer and exporter of quality Herbal Extraction and Processing Enzymes such as Pectinase Enzymes, Cellulase Enzymes, Hemicellulase Enzymes and we also offer custom blend of enzymes tailored for specific substrates.