Nature has a vast collection of a wide range of Microorganisms. Advances in modern microbiology have enabled us to isolate microorganisms thriving in a plethora of environments and understand the conditions of their growth..

For manufacture of products of Industrial importance, it is essential to screen a host of microorganisms under lab conditions to identify their commercial viability. For example, we may be looking to isolate a microorganism from diverse conditions which hold the potential to produce an Alkaline Protease stable for applications involving the enzyme to perform efficiently in a high Alkaline pH. The temperature at which the enzyme performs at its most optimum is also of importance for industrial applications since industries are increasingly looking to reduce energy costs by looking for solutions which demand less energy to produce the same results.

Hence it is essential to thoroughly screen every isolated microorganism for its capabilities as a Cell Factory which produces innovative products of Industrial importance. This would involve constant research in the field of discovering novel microrganims isolated from various environmental conditions.

We at Noor Enzymes understand this basic principle of Industrial Biotechnology and constantly work to strengthen our position in isolating and stocking of novel microorganisms from various sources.