The performance of a product in a commercial application, distinguishes it from its competition. Products are designed to work in a specific way, solving a set of problems in an industrial process and their performance in adressing those problems and meeting expectations is what turns it into a commercial reality.

With a host of companies out there in the market, claiming to deliver such solutions what would cause a client to prefer one product over the other? How does a company manufacturing the product understand what sets its solutions apart from its competitors?

The key is understanding how an enzyme works under diverse industrially important parameters and the factors affecting them. It is about understanding what makes a good product perform efficiently and working to develop better alternatives.

At Noor Enzymes, a finished formulation is subjected to various enzymatic activity tests in our Quality control facility. We perform comparitive assays of the enzymatic activity of interest and prepare comparitive charts mapping the performance of an enzyme product under various parameters. A principle of backward integration is followed where the Marketing team works in close collaboration with the Quality Control and R&D divisions feeding market expectations and demands to them. After a thorough analysis, the product is forwarded to the marketing division for pre-launch trials to determine the actual Industrial Performance of a product.