An important aspect of enzyme manufacturing is that of formulation. An enzyme concentrate recovered after an exhaustive series of downstream processing techniques is to be made available to the end users in a form which best suits their application. For example, in the Textile Industry consumers prefer using liquid enzyme solutions which are easy to dose using automated dosing systems or even manually. This minimizes the wastage caused during handling of the product and results in cost savings. Likewise in Detergent powders, robust enzyme granulates are now preferred which protect the enzyme component from harsh alkaline chemicals and moisture. They also solve the issue of enzyme dust formation during handling. In the Baking segment, clients prefer using an enzyme powder which allows easy dispersion and blending of the enzyme during flour milling or dough making. The end product should meet such expectations and thus the delivery of each product has to be designed in a way which addresses these issues.

The formulation of an enzyme is not limited to the delivery mode but has a far important principle which deals with the very quality and performance of the enzyme. Enzymes being Protein have a three dimensional structure and are prone to denaturing. Thus an enzyme concentrate is required to be blended along with additives which stabilizes its structure, thus preserving its biological activity. Addition of these Stabilizers are custom tailored keeping in mind the best stability and performance of the enzyme. Another important component of the formulation are Preservatives which exhibit anti-microbial action.

Formulation also allows incorporation of the enzyme concentrate at specific percentages, thus enabling for a wide spectrum of products depending upon the application and end use. For example, a process may require the enzyme component to be at dilute levels. Hence an optimized formulation can be worked out for the end user depending upon their exact requirements allowing for robust performance along with economic feasibility.

At Noor Enzymes, our Biochemists understand the principle of formulation and we work to meet the expectations of our clients while delivering quality products which provide robust performance.