As a professionally managed company with diversified offerings in a wide range of industry segments, Noor Enzymes has adopted a policy of selectively differentiating core processes involved in the Enzyme manufacturing process and streamlining them strategically to achieve maximum efficiency, ease of administration and enhanced productivity.

Noor Enzymes leverages on the infrastructure of large scale contractual fermentation facilities for manufacture of its Enzyme concentrates. We presently utilise fermentation units located at different parts of the Indian subcontinent to streamline manufacture of the wide range of products in our portfolio. We enter into secure manufacturing partnerships with third party contract manufacturers who have thorough experience in the art of large scale industrial fermentation and the flexibility to understand and adapt to our dynamic requirements.

The facilities include cGMP compliant and WHO - GMP certified Submerged Fermentation (SmF) units with a total combined minimum assured capacity of 30,000 Litres allocated for our present manufacturing requirements, available for further upscale. One facility is exclusively reserved for Solid Substrate Fermentation (SSF) of fungal derived enzymes with a current reserved area of 4000 Square Feet for SSF fermentation.

Large scale manufacturing capacity is complimented by Pilot Submerged Fermentation facility ranging from 50 Litres to 500 Litres for development of custom requirements in small batches or for the purpose of Research and Development of new products.

Depending upon product volume requirements, third party capabilities and economical & logistical strategies, the process of final product formulation is conducted in-house at our formulation facility, on-site at the contract fermentation unit or at third party contract formulation facilities. Where the final product is a custom blend of select enzymes tailored for specific markets, we prefer in-house formulation.

Apart from our contractual manufacturing tie-ups for large scale production of our products, we have a fully integrated in-house laboratory for research and development on enhancing the manufacturing processes and quality of our existing products while constantly working on development of new products. Day to day activities include working on various aspects of the manufacturing process such as studies on Strain optimization, Fermentation medium improvement, Formulation engineering for enhanced stability and Performance of our products by way of lab scale assay on specific compounds simulating real life applications.

Our laboratory infrastructure is backwardly integrated into our marketing operations for assay and thorough analysis of our offerings vis-à-vis commercially available products in a wide range of industry segments. The lab personnel are also engaged in constant Quality Control of the samples and batches being dispatched to our clients by way of final Enzyme activity assays and Microbiology analysis.

The lab infrastructure is also utilized for meeting various regulatory requirements of our products including collection and storage of manufacturing data for meeting legislation and certification requirements.

Noor Enzymes is actively looking to strengthen its position as a well diversified Enzyme company and pursue avenues such as partnerships with new contract facilities, upgrade of laboratory infrastructure and has planned for an in-house Pilot scale Solid Substrate Fermentation unit for development of novel enzyme solutions.