Business Representation – South & SE Asia

Noor Enzymes is pleased to announce an exciting business opportunity for freelance marketing agents:

Title: Business Representation – South & South East Asia

Description: This is a country and industry specific offer and involves development of business opportunities for Noor Enzymes in our target industries / countries. We are looking to create a network of experienced individuals to partner with us and represent us exclusively for select industries and specific products in our target markets. The compensation involves a payout as a percentage of sales of upto 20 %.

Target countries (country code): India (IN), Pakistan (PK), Iran (IR), Bangladesh (BD), Sri Lanka (LK), Vietnam (VN), Thailand (TH), Malaysia (MY), Indonesia (ID), Philippines (PH), Myanmar (MM)

Target industries (industry code): Textile (TEX), Leather (LEA), Paper (PAP), Animal feed (AF) and Food (FP)


This opportunity has the following requisites:

  • Work Experience: Minimum 10 to 15 years of previous work experience as a Mid / Senior level business executive with companies engaged in Manufacturing or Marketing/Distribution of raw materials and processing inputs in the target industry. Individuals having an active portfolio of Principals being represented will be preferred.
  • Location: The individual must be a permanent resident of the target country.
  • Other: Individuals having thorough knowledge of end product application will be preferred.

Interested individuals / companies are requested to mail us at info(at) with Ref no: BRSEA/(Country code)/(Industry code), for e.g BRSEA/PK/TEX and Title – “Business Representation Opportunity” in the first line of the body of the Email. Kindly mark your email to the attention of “Director of Business Development” in the subject.

About Us:

Noor Enzymes is a company in the field of Industrial Biotechnology. It is perhaps the biggest industry catering to clients worldwide through eco-friendly solutions. Moreover in todays urban world run by demand for Fossil fuels and strong dependence on Information Technology there are only a limited number of companies worldwide who seek to specialize in 21st century Biotechnology of Enzymes. We are an emerging global supplier of these eco-friendly solutions at economical costs to the processing industries who are eventually the end users of these products.

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