Industrial Enzymes for Processing Industries

Welcome to the World of Enzymes.

Noor Enzymes is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Industrial Enzymes. It is perhaps the biggest industry catering to customers worldwide through eco-friendly solutions. Moreover in today’s urban world run by demand for Fossil fuels and strong dependence on Information Technology there are only a limited number of companies worldwide who seek to specialize in 21st century Biotechnology of Enzymes. We strive to emerge as a global supplier of these eco-friendly solutions at economical costs to the processing industries who are eventually the end users of these products.

Our product range consists of Enzymes specifically targeted for Industrial application. The major markets for these biocatalysts are Textile Processing, Leather Processing, Detergents, Paper Processing, Bio-fuel Industry, Starch Industry, Animal Feed and Food Processing industries where we place our exclusive focus on.

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